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      發布時間:2019-11-07 瀏覽次數:{訪問次數}

      主講人:江西師大軟件學院 陳少龍 海歸博士
      時間:2019.11.8(周五) 下午2點
      Session 1: Efficient Improvement in Performance for Variant Analysis on Heterogeneous Cluster(生物信息分析在高性能異構平臺下的性能提升)
      Nowadays heterogeneous architectures formed by multicore and manycore systems have become attractive solutions to cope with the data booming in genomic-based studies. Our work explores the efficient usage of heterogeneous architectures in such area. In particular, we have studied the use of manycore components like the Xeon Phi accelerator, which has proved to be a convenient choice because it allows an easy migration of applications developed for multicore servers based on the x86 architecture. Our study also focuses on the problem of sequence alignment, which is one of the fundamental and most costly computational stages in most genome variant studies. Although the problem of alignment of sequences fits in the embarrassingly parallel pattern, achieving good performance and good scalability in heterogeneous environments can be complicated. Our proposal was applied to BWA using human genome data samples, however this strategy can be easily applied to other sequence datasets and alignment tools that have similar operating principles with those of BWA aligner.
      (現今由多核和眾核構成的異構平臺,正在成為生物信息分析學中非常有吸引力的計算解決方案。我們的研究是探索在該領域下的異構平臺的有效計算方案。尤其是眾核結構,比如Intel Xeon Phi加速器。該加速器基于x86結構,易于從主處理器遷移應用,而不需重構代碼。我們的研究主要集中在生物信息學中計算量最大的基礎步驟,序列比對(sequence alignment)。盡管序列比對的問題適合數據平行模式,但是在異構環境下取得好性能和可擴展性卻不容易。我們的研究是在人類基因數據集下的BWA應用,但是同樣的策略是可以輕易地遷移到其它基因數據集和與BWA類似的序列比對應用。)

      Session 2: Introduction to Bitcoin and Blockchain: Trick or Treat?(比特幣和區塊鏈的介紹:騙局,還是盛宴?)
      What is Bitcoin? Why the hackers and the scammers love it? How the relationship between Bitcoin and Blockchain? Have you ever known that somebody cost 10,000 bitcoins to buy two pizzas which values 100 million dollars now? Have you ever known that China dominates global bitcoin production and transaction up to 90%+ but now only 1%? How did that happen? Bitcoin and Blockchain is trick ? or treat?